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Addretouch has worked on the photographic post-production of the following books.

  • Libya-Closeup

    Libya Closeup

    It’s great news that the three Spanish journalists who were kidnapped in Syria have been released. We cannot forget, however, that there are still more than twenty informants, Syrians and […]

  • Blind Faith

    Watching in Silence

    So should begin every book in the world: in silence. Because that always begins the project of an artist, oblivious to the stares of those who contemplate their work later.Pep […]

  • Remarkable South Africans

    Remarkable South Africans

    The purpose of Remarkable South Africans, is to inspire, challenge and invite you to be change-makers in your society. South Africa is often associated with its Apartheid history, with its […]

  • Somalia

    Somalia: El Rastro Invisible

    Somalia. Anarquía, abandono y olvido como las palabras que mejor la definen. Una ausencia de Estado que durante años ha sido sustituida por un feudalismo contemporáneo, donde los señores de […]

  • San Lazaro's Cult

    San Lázaro (Babalú Ayé)

    San Lázaro’s Cult over the view of  8 photographers: Alain Pantaleón (post-production by Addretouch), Pep Bonet (post-production by Addretouch), Raúl Cañibano (post-production by Addretouch), J. M. Díaz Burgos, Cristina García […]