Libya Closeup

It’s great news that the three Spanish journalists who were kidnapped in Syria have been released. We cannot forget, however, that there are still more than twenty informants, Syrians and others of different nationalities, held against their will.

The freelance photographer Ricardo Garcia Vilanova was kidnapped in Syria during more than six months. He has covered the uprisings in Syria and Libya, with photographs appearing in different media, and is not covered by a regular salary that provides him a permanent security. In addition, since September 16, 2013, the date on which he was kidnapped along with Javier Espinosa, no journalistic company has taken charge of its fixed costs.

Libya Close Up is an abstract of the extraordinary work Ricardo Garcia Vilanova carried out in Libya, a conflict that he has virtually covered since its very first beginning. We are likely to witness one of the best and most complete works of the war in that country.