Watching in Silence

So should begin every book in the world: in silence. Because that always begins the project of an artist, oblivious to the stares of those who contemplate their work later.Pep Bonet, one of the most internationally acclaimed photographers and recently awarded World Press Photo and Ignacio Jarillo, journalist dedicated to reporting and information on radio, finally gives us the Silent Gaze of his work: a continuous journey around the world they live which have little or nothing but teach us so much.

Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Somalia, Darfur, Cuba, South Africa, Zambia, Honduras, Swaziland, Poland or Haiti, form a vital journey in images which reveal what goes where words are unnecessary. They are prisoners of chaos, torture, chains, war, AIDS, sexual abuse, insanity or pollution. But many of these stories are not as tragic because they operate in silence, as the authors of this book and also report it aloud.