In Addretouch we believe in a new concept of personalized Photolab creating a close bond between the photographer and the laboratory. Not only do we limit ourselves to receive the images and optimize them but also we create a close relationship with the photographer to get the best possible final product.

To achieve this we have created a database with the personal tastes of each photographer, references, styles, etc …. to always know what the photographer conceives in terms of contrast, saturation, black and white or colour. The main objective is to personalize the work of each professional.

We collaborate in the search for the photographer’s reportage style, not just the end of the story but during the project he can send images to be optimised and thus begin to see the result and redirect or polish the final product.We hope that collaboration will enrich us all, we have the pleasure of working with high quality images and a high level photographer. You will also have security at all times and be treated to achieve maximum quality of your images.

One of our maxims is that the photographer is dedicated to translate your idea into a story and help as much as possible with good post-production, adjusting it to different printing profiles and playback modes as the photographer sees fit.We have the expertise to develop custom print profiles and ensure the optimization of images depending on the format of the various outputs (photo-motion, inkjet printing, printing of books and sites).

We have the experience of having worked in the heeled and retouching all of Pep Bonet`s books and have supervised the cromalines and entrance to all machines. In inkjet printing, Addretouch offers the hallmark of Digigraphie Epson, this program ensures that our handling equipment and materials used in the printing of your images have the highest quality possible today.

We have made multiple prints for exhibitions, printing works of photographers  like  Antonin Kratochvil, Heidi Bradner, Paolo Pellegrin, Marcus Bleasdale, Cristina García Rodero, Tim Hetherington, Moises Saman, Agency Noor, etc …. with these collaborations in various group or individual exhibitions we have great experience in working with high-quality files and the demands of photographers at this level.



Photo Credit: Guillem Valle.